Sak Noel


SAK NOEL, born in Barcelona, Spain and currently based in Los Angeles, US, is one of the most influential and awarded LATIN Dj’s of all time. Latin Grammy Nominee, IDMA Winner, several times certified Gold & Platinum. 1st Spanish DJ and 5th Spanish artist overall to be number 1 on the prestigious UK Singles Chart, a milestone only achieved by fellow Spaniards such as Julio & Enrique Iglesias. The list goes on.

He’s a household name with huge international hits under his belt. He has collaborated with Sean Paul, Lil Jon, Pitbull, Madonna, Maroon 5, just to name a few.

His fusion of electronic music with latin music, even before the current latin music explosion, has put him in the front line of this global movement. There’s no club that doesn’t play one of his hits on any given night.

Most recently he has founded his own imprint BARNATON, which comes from the fusion of the words Barcelona + Reggaeton. His goal is to help upcoming latin producers from around the globe achieve their dreams by having an outlet where they can showcase their talent.